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Initiatic Journey at the End of the World, it is a Journey to the Heart of the Essential.

This ADVENTURE is first and foremost the story of Laurence and David and a project born of their complementarity, their desire to live their lives life size to share the treasures of the planet. This is also the story of two atypical courses.

Two worlds that collide to CREATE together.
2 loops of one year each, which will be preceded by a trip to CANADA summer 2018 to put into practice our idea of travel and prepare ourselves for all levels.

Our life is an initiatory journey and we spend a lot of time sometimes looking for SENS.

Still looking for this key in your life?

Follow the inner thread … and everything will be well our initiatory trip is set up starting July 23 for Montreal you will discover our thread not yet unveiled.

By following this guide wire that we will make you discover in our first trip to Canada this summer (before two loops a year), we will highlight other aspects to better understand this path of initiation that we all live.

That it is through the Men and their culture, our approach of the environment, the sacred energy present in certain key places of the Planet and finally the fauna and the rich flora of teaching.

CANADA will be our “spearhead” of the whole adventure where we will make a road trip for 8 weeks!

All this initiatory path will be also yours through all our shares in photos and videos. Our ambition is to build a FILM after all these trips.

David military for 15 years who discovers an obvious passion for photography and learns all the techniques alone. The story of a self-taught man trying to revive another career closer to his aspirations and what he really is. A field man who needs to feel the energy of nature. He therefore chooses to give himself the opportunity to become a photographer and to approach nature, the elements closer, to extract the essential, to capture the best to share it to all. More than a challenge in 2018 where everyone travels and photographs everything.

Laurence is also the story of a journey that could look like yours. Studies in communication and a course rather drawn at the beginning is seen to strike a first time by an economic dismissal. A shock that follows closely a honeymoon in Australia and the direct dive in his desire to create an import export business with this country that made him vibrate from the first minutes. Two children will follow, two shops in full Paris. And a turning point with Feng Shui. From there will be born his vocation to enlighten everyone through his own experience. AND a strength to go even further to follow before all his desires and what makes it vibrate.



We are looking for partners, sponsors, patrons and all those affected by this adventure and wishing to participate now and tomorrow live.

CONTRIBUTING TO THIS PROJECT IS ALLOWING US TO ACHIEVE THIS ADVENTURE and to help the whole PLANET to follow its initiatory path with confidence.

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